About The Book



About The Illustrator

Ladianne Henderson is an artist, illustrator, and writer whose work has found its way to Ohio, New York, and various parts of North Carolina.   Her artwork also appears on a billboard in Charlotte, North Carolina, and is licensed by Doodle-Doo Charity Greeting Cards in the U.K.  In 2015, Ladianne won the honor of being the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce’s first Grand Mural artist for their newly remodeled offices.  Henderson has a Master of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary arts and loves bringing her observations to life through illustration.  She truly believes picture books have the power to change the world, one reader at a  time.

About The Writer

Laura Kasischke is a former Fellow for the National Endowment for the Arts and the Guggenheim Foundation.  She has won numerous awards for her poetry and fiction works and is the author of a number of novels including “The Life Before Her Eyes,” which was made into a movie starring Uma Thurman in 2007.  Kasischke has been hailed for her ability to fearlessly depict everyday life by highlighting extraordinary textures of feeling and experience.

Why This Picture Book?

When Henderson read Laura Kasischke’s poem Two Men & a Truck she was moved to tears.  This poet about whom she knew absolutely nothing had beautifully, painfully, sweetly expressed everything she was feeling about motherhood – a mantle she’d been wearing, somewhat uncomfortably, for fifteen years.  Kasischke had expressed the ebb and flow of life, the connectedness of everyone, and the power and powerlessness of motherhood – and, more broadly, parenthood.  She had called attention to the struggles inherent in raising children, and – for me, she had also called attention to the struggles Henderson had witnessed in the teenagers, many of whom have dealt with parentlessness, homelessness, and poverty, to whom she teaches art.  She felt compelled to illustrate this incredible work, and create a picture book entitled “The World Was Me”.

How To Buy This Book

The World Was Me is nearing publication!  Watch for updates on the book – and events around its launch!



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